- Amnizu - Slain by Siegfried
This homuncular sadist was chosen by the Princes not for his strength but for his cruelty. He rules the mine with an iron fist and a burning enthusiasm for industry.

CR7 Amnizu - Unique Medium Demon (chaotic, evil) HP49 Initiative+4 SpeedF60(12) AC21(T10,FF21) Claw+10(2d4+2d4 dexterity, fortitude DC19) SQ DR10/good, SR18, Blindsight, Quickened Acid Burst radius 15 3/day (10d6 DC16), Fire immunity, poison immunity, acid immunity, Perception+17 Abilities12,11,13,15,11,16 Saves+7+6+8 Slain by Siegfried Rewards - 2400 souls, witch's finger, purple cloak of protection+1, Amnizu's Key, titanite shard

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