- Calzar - Slain by Siegfried
From the chaos furnace emerged myriads of loathsome monsters who fought tooth and nail to claim authority over each other. Some of the more pathetic insinuated themselves into power by submitting themselves to the vanity of greater fiends.

CR7 Calzar - Unique Demon7 (chaotic, evil) HP52 Initiative+7 Speed-F50 AC21(T13,FF18) Tail+10 (d6+3+2d6acid+d6 dexterity fortitude DC16), 2 claws+8(d4+1) and bite+8(d6+1) SQ DR10/good, SR14, acid immunity, fire immunity, poison immunity, cold and shock resistance20, fast healing7 Spells CL7 - command, scare Abilities16,16,16,11,13,15 Saves+8+8+6 Slain by Siegfried Rewards - 2000 souls, Robe of the Acolyte

If Calzar's demonic protectors are killed then he will plead for his life and offer to serve the players as a blacksmith. However he will charge twice as much as each reinforcement should require, keeping the extra souls for himself. He also demands that the players leave the forge beforehand, so he can ask Amnizu to bring Patrick in to finish the reinforcement without the players seeing. Calzar will later appear to defend Amnizu if he is spared by the players.

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