These lesser imitations were not the work of the Anatomist, but rather the great eye itself. Weak and sycophantic, they nevertheless inflict vengeance on their maker by remaining as reminders of its own flaws and fearful timidity.

CR6 Eyewitness - Medium Aberration6 HP45 Initiative+6 F20(4) AC19(T12,FF17) 6 eyerays+6 (2/arc,DC14) and bite-2 (d6-1 ) Paralysis(Fortitude DC14), Dispel Magic+8, scorch4d6, Exhaustion, Will DC16 - Sleep, Inflict 2d8+8(half) SQ Stunning gaze (will DC16), can't be flanked Abilities8,14,16,15,15,13 Saves+5/+4/+7 Rewards - d4 detached eyeballs, 1600 souls

The Will DCs on this page include the soporific effects of the Gloom Garden.

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