Behind every beautiful deceit lies eternally the grim spectre of decay. Every throne must crumble, and every ascendant prince will one day be food for worms.

CR3 Fleshworm - Tiny Beast1 HP2 Speed10 Initiative+0 AC15 Bite+5 touch (burrow) SQ - Burrow, Camouflage  Rewards - 200 souls

Burrow - If a fleshworm hits with its bite attack, it burrows under the skin and deals d6 damage every round to the victim. Removing the fleshworm requires a DC20 heal check (each attempt deals d6 more damage), the consumption of a purple moss clump or a remove disease spell.

Camouflage - If no player succeeds on a DC20 perception check when entering the room, they do not see the fleshworm. If the worm is seen it is exposed. Because it has no reach, it must wait until someone passes over it before attacking or risk provoking an attack of opportunity when entering an enemy square.

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