- Fletcher -
"Let's not be hasty now. I don't want to fight."

In a quiet corner lurks a strange creature named Fletcher. He will sell arrows and bolts to travellers for three souls each. He also sells arcane arrows: shock, fire, ghost arrows for 20 souls each and silver arrows for 5 souls each. He bemoans the dangerous hollows and a rust monster which is besieging his armoury, and promises to be able to sell many more items when it is killed. Once it is dead he makes his way to armoury and will sell the items listed below.

Weapons: longsword, battleaxe, morningstar, shortsword, rapier, dagger, halberd, greatsword, longbow, shortbow, light crossbow, heavy crossbow.

Armour: leather, studded leather, chain shirt, chainmail, breastplate, banded mail, full plate, heavy shield, light shield.

CR2 Fletcher - Unique Medium Monstrous Humanoid 3 HP19 Initiative+1 Speed20(4),Burrow30(6) AC16(T11,FF15) 2 claws+4(d4+1) and bite -1(d8) Resist Magic and Poison+2 Abilities13,12,15,5,12,6 Saves+3,+4,+4 Souls-600

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