- Grazak - Slain by Ulthred
Grazak endured the pain and deformity of his existence with admirable tolerance until finally he was abandoned by his mother and brother. He then chose to lose himself in the wicked mist that emanates from the fungal caves, and rejoiced that he never need stir himself from dreams again.

CR7 Grazak - Large Giant4, barbarian 4 HP79 Initiative+0 Speed40(8) AC19(T10,FF19) Greatclub+16/+11 (2d6+15) SQ Reach 10, Rage 2/day, Darkvision Saves+12,+2,+2 Abilities26,11,18,8,10,14 Slain by Ulthred Rewards - 2400 souls, Bone Greatclub, purple moss clump, soul of a lost undead

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