Guardian lizard

There are creatures in the depths that bear no resemblance to anything in known history, but it is said that time is distorted here.

CR8 Guardian Lizard - Huge Beast18 HP180 Initiative+1 Speed40(8) AC14(T9,FF13) Bite+20(3d6+13+swallow whole) SQ Reach 10 Abilities28,13,21,2,15,10 Saves+16/+12/+8 Rewards - 2400 souls

Swallow Whole - Any enemy of medium size or smaller bitten must makes a d20 roll (adding their base attack bonus and strength bonus) opposed by +24. If they lose, they are swallowed by the beast and take 2d8+16 acid damage each round from the stomach acid of the Guardian Lizard. If the swallowed character is carrying a shortsword or a dagger (other weapons are two large to use while ingested) they can attempt to hack their way out of the beast's intestines (AC12 HP25, no critical hits or sneak attacks apply).

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