"As fate would have it, you have been chosen. There is great work to be done."

Jesred is encountered in the Vault of the Redeemer. Anyone who has used a rusted coin in the past may kneel before Jesred to access the Covenant of Fate, and are given the gift of a rusted coin (disciples of fate are also able to reroll the results of their rusted coins if they choose). Jesred will offer a further benefit (fingers crossed - add d6 to any of your attacks or saves once per day) if his disciples brave a gauntlet of challenges and draw a card from the Deck of Many Things. Jesred also sells the Vestments of a Charred Legacy for 4000 souls each. Once he has been given the Deck of Many Things, he announces that his disciples need a guide. He then suggests that such a guide can be found in the Haunted Palace.

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