Legion Fiend
These demons are disciplined enough to follow orders and to fight in formation, unlike most of their kind. Their unity of will is attributed to the blackened armour they wear to contain their chaotic energy.

CR3 Legion Fiend- Medium Outsider3 HP19 Initiative+3 Speed-30(6) AC21(T13,FF18) Sword+8(d8+3/19-20) and shieldspikes+1(d6+1) Abilities17,17,15,6,10,10 Saves+5+6+5 SQ Telepathy, Darkvision, DR5/magic, Mobility+4 Legion Saves, Legion Health, Legion Attack, Fire immunity, Fear immunity, Resist Acid 10 Rewards - 1000 souls, 25% titanite shard

Legion Health - Legion fiends seem to absorb blow after blow, fighting on despite massive injuries, until a single decisive attack against one causes all of them to fall to the ground, slain. Adjacent legion fiends combine their hit points into one large pool. If the pool is reduced to 0, all the legion fiends in it immediately die.

Legion Saves - If a spell or other effect that allows a saving throw targets more than one legion fiend, all the fiends use the highest d20 result rolled by the group. If a mind-affecting spell or ability targets a single legion fiend, all other adjacent fiends saving throws against it. If any fiend succeeds, all the fiends succeed. If all the fiends fail, they all suffer the effect of a failed save.

Legion Attack - Trained and experienced in working together, legion fiends gain a +4 bonus on attack rolls for every other adjacent legion fiend.

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