- Malagrond the Black - Slain by Nathan
The knights whisper of a loathsome serpent who crawled from the chasm below. With jaws dripping with searing ichor this wyrm claims descent from the everlasting dragons.

NAME - Malagrond the Black


SLAIN BY - Nathan

AREA - Amnizu's Infested Mine


- On his first round Malagrond waits in the water, casting an area dispel magic(+9) as a swift action and uses his breath weapon. The water is acidic, dealing 2d6 acid damage per round.

- If Malagrond takes 30 damage in one round from a single enemy (or 10 electricity damage), Malagrond will fly to them and attack them until they are dead. Otherwise, he is content to keep his distance.

- If fighting on land and able to use his breath weapon next turn (he can use it every d4 rounds), Malagrond will take to take to the wing after making a bite attack and use his hover feat. This creates swirling dust that makes enemies miss attacks 20% of the time.

- After 60 points of electricity damage have been dealt to Malagrond, his stone scales break. He loses his damage reduction and his armour class is reduced by 5.

- When his hit points drop to 100 or less, Malagrond gains +3 to attack and damage as he enters a rage state.


Malagrond wants the characters to engage him in the water - he tries to scare them into approaching by using his breath weapon from a distance. He is bluffing, though - he is less dangerous when far away, and vulnerable to lightning spells and shock arrows. Increasing acid resistance will also help defeat the dragon. Specifically targeting the tail of the dragon is an important strategy, as it reduces Malagrond's damage significantly. It is also possible to summon Ser Stephen for this fight.

CR11 Malagrond - Large Dragon19, 5000 souls

HP199 Initiative+0 Speed60(12)/F150 AC30(T9,FF30) Abilities23,10,19,12,13,12 Saves+17/+13/+14

Bite+19(2d6+11), 2 claws+17(d8+8), 2 wings+17(d6+8), tail+10(d12+21/x3)

SQ Acidbreath 12d4 DC23, Presence DC20 (-2 on rolls), Blindsense, Reaching Tail 10, Darkvision, DR15/shock, double damage from shocks, Acid Immunity, Paralysis Immunity, Sleep Immunity, Multiattack, Power Attack, Hover, Combat Reflexes


If a player deals 50 damage specifically to Malagrond's Tail (this does not harm Malagrond), he drops the acidic burst greataxe and cannot attack with it again. This greataxe also deals d12 acid damage to the wielder whenever he strikes.


A blacksmith can create a suit of full plate that is resistant to both fire and acid 5, increasing by 2 with each upgrade. However if the wearer takes electricity damage their armour is reduced by 4. The smith will charge 8000 souls, but a character could create it with only 4000.

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