- Orryn -
- Mysterious Bird -

"Oh dear me no. This place can play tricks with your mind."


A mysterious colourful bird is encountered in the Hollow Halls . The bird repeats certain phrases, such as "trapped forever", "Luria", "Achenar", "Orryn" and its own name "Zulquernath". If the characters speak to Zulquernath, it may begin to repeat some of the words they say. Taming the bird requires a DC25 diplomacy or handle animal check, whereas attacking it will cause it to fly away after casting colour spray on its attacker. The master of the bird is encountered later in the Gloom Garde selling arcane scrolls. His name is Orryn, and he will reward a character who brings him news of his familiar Zulquernath with an enchanted pearl. After this Orryn will retrieve Zulquernath, and the bird will after that be found at the Gloom Garden bonfire with Orryn.

CR1/2 Zulquernath - Unique Tiny Magical Beast 1 HP5 Initiative+3 Speed-Fly60(12) AC17(T15,FF14) SQ Colour Spray DC15, Darkvision, DR5/+1, SR12 Abilities1,17,11,2,14,16 Saves+2,+5,+2 Souls-150

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