- Percival of Thorolund -

"You have put him to rest, kind souls. This old servant of the sunlight is grateful."

After Janus has been defeated this blind ghostly priest appears by the shrine outside and offers access to the Covenant of Sunlight. He claim his purpose is to destroy a tyranny of bones that controls the corridors below. Upon joining the covenant, the undead can offer a homeward bone or alluring skull to Percival in exchange for a golden pine resin, as evidence that they have been defeating skeletal enemies (servants of sunlight always deal maximized electricity damage while using golden pine resins). Any treacherous undead who breaks faith with the covenant of Gwyn loses all of the privileges and powers he has been given and takes a permanent -2 penalty to saves against fear. Percival implies that that the Lord of Sunlight will offer his servants further rewards when they have destroyed enough skeletons.

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