These pungent and predatory organisms seem to be cultivated by the mushroom people for unknown purposes. When they are cut open, strange concentrated gas spurts from the wounds and they deflate.

CR4 Purple Fungus - Medium Plant 2, fighter 2 HP30 Initiative+0 Speed10(2) AC15(T10,FF15) Grasping appendages+5(d6+2) SQ DR5/slashing, immune to critical attacks, chemical reactions Saves+9/+0/-2 Abilities15,10,16,-,11,9 Rewards - 50% purple moss clump, souls 900, 10% mushroom tea

Grasping Appendages - Anyone adjacent to the purple fungus is attacked twice by the grasping appendages each round, and must make a DC15 will save or take 2d4 strength damage.

Chemical Reactions - If the purple fungus takes fire damage, it explodes. This explosion destroys it and deals 5d6 fire damage in a twenty foot radius (DC15 reflex for half damage). The fungus is not damaged by acid damage, but instead releases a cloud of poisonous gas in a forty foot radius that lasts for three rounds. Anyone beginning their turn in the cloud must make a DC15 fortitude save or take d6 consitution damage.

The will DCs on this page include the soporific influence of the Gloom Garden.

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