An antique from a foreign land, plucked from the hand of a corpse.


This light one-handed weapon deals d6 bludgeoning and slashing damage and can be upgraded with titanite. It also contains 20 charges, each one of which can be used to summon a black panther for combat or utility purposes. Each time the weapon is upgraded the panther becomes stronger. It is found after defeating the Scumsucker.

CR2 Panther - Medium Animal3 HP19 Initiative+4 Speed40(8) AC15(T14,FF11) Bite+6(d6+3) and 2 claws+1(d3+1) SQ Pounce, rake d3+1, scent, darkvision Abilities+5/+7/+2 Abilities16,19,15,2,12,6

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