Ring of Fire Resistance 10



6 firebombs

Soul of the Bell Gargoyles

Lodestone Marauder Egg

Soul of a Thunder Giant

Tower Shield of Fire Resistance 5

Pearl of Power+1

Leopard Rod 19

Humanity x2

Potion of Haste x2

Eyeball x7

Potion 4d8+10 x3

15 shock arrows

30 silver arrows

Broken Ring of Sacrifice

Titanite Splinter x 11

Titanite shard x9

100 lifegems

Charcoal Pine Resin

Golden Pine Resin x3

Purging stone x3

Tooth of a Beastx12

Scroll of lesser restoration

Potion of Jump

Purging Stone

Alluring Skull x5


Homeward Bone x4

Winter Pine Resin

Soul of the Gloomlight Butterfly

Soul of the Chaos Witch

Soul of the Chaos Sentinel

Soul of Janus

Soul of the Great Eye

Purple Moss Clump x3

Potion of Fire Resistance 10

Owl's Ring

Cursed keen shortsword+1

3 jars of shroomwater

Purple Moss Clump

Tooth of a Beast x2


Witch's finger

Mysterious Key

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