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NAME - The Bell Gargoyles

Cathedral Gargoyle.jpg


SLAIN BY - This doesn't really apply here, as there were six gargoyles.


- The church roof (sixty foot long, thirty feet wide) is icy and slippery, and falling off deals 8d6 damage. Anyone who moves at more than half movement must make a DC15 balance check or fall prone. While prone, characters gain a -4 penalty to armour class, reflex saves and attacks. However they are immune to the effect of the gargoyle's tail swipe. It is a move action to stand up, which provokes attacks.

- If a gargoyle is within 10 feet of any enemy it will take a five foot step and then make a full attack. Any gargoyles who cannot flank or full attack will move and use their breath weapons. Any time the gargoyle strikes an enemy, the enemy is effectively hit by a dispel check at +10 which removes one layer of magical protection as an area dispel would.

- A gargoyle dropping below forty hit points will take to the wing and use firebreath from a safe distance, drawing attacks of opportunity.

- Anyone is struck by the tail swipe of a gargoyle must make a strength or dexterity check augmented by size modifiers opposed by the gargoyle's +10 check or be knocked 10 feet in the direction of the gargoyle's choice. They must then make a DC15 balance check or fall prone.


Staying in the centre of the roof is the safest way to avoid the edge, and focusing attacks on one gargoyle will reduce their damage output as fast as possible. Flight spells aren't a great solution to the gargoyles because their halberds remove the effects of magical spells.

Gargoyle - Large Monstrous Humanoid10 Abilities23,12,20,15,12,11 Saves+8,+8,+10 6000 souls

HP95 Initiative+1 SpeedF30 AC22(T10,FF21) Halberd+16/+11(2d6+9+dispel+10) and tail swipe+10(d8+3)

SQ Firebreath 5d8 DC20, fire and cold resist 10 Reach 10, Combat Reflexes, Flanking+4, Blindfight


It is possible to create a unique item with a masterwork weapon, the soul of the gargoyles and the casting of dispel magic by a seventh level wizard. The soul can instead be consumed for 3000 souls. A capable blacksmith charges 5000 souls, or a character can create it himself for only 1000.