This hulking fiend was distrusted and despised by other demons for his cleverness and considered thought. He was chosen to serve as an envoy of the Princes, which occasionally afforded him the relief of exile.

CR6 The Chraal Large Unique Demon9 (chaotic, evil) HP85 Initiative+0 Speed40(8) AC21(T13,FF21) 2 claws+10(d8+5+d6acid) and tail+8(2d6+2+d6acid) Abilities21,11,20,18,16,16 Saves+11/+3/+8 SQ Combat reflexes, DR5/good, darkvision, acid immunity, fire immunity, double damage from cold, reach 10, acid spray 3/day (6d6 acid, reflex DC19), death throes (20 acid, 30 feet radius, reflex DC19) Slain by Kain Rewards - 2400 souls

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