A cracked and crumbling effigy protects a hidden sanctuary near an underground river, a remnant of a dark and primeval legacy. The stones seem to have been vandalized and then forgotten, enduring mockery from servants of fire and the apathy of wandering beasts.

NAME - The Dark Sentinel




- The sentinel seems to be an inanimate broken statue until someone approaches the serpent it guards, then rises to fight.

- The sentinel attempts to divide his attacks between all enemies within reach, as well as regularly using his breath darkness ability on those same enemies.

- When reduced to half health, the sentinel enters a rage and gets a +2 to attack and damage, though a -2 penalty to armour class.


The sentinel is difficult to attack and extremely dangerous, but his hit points are fairly low. If characters can bypass his damage reduction the battle becomes much easier, but it is worth remembering that confusion does not necessarily prevent a character from helping. That being said, strengthening will saves is a necessary strategy.

STATISTICS - Dark Sentinel - Unique Large Construct 9 HP49 Initiative+0 Speed30(6) AC22(T9,FF21) Abilities21,11,-,2,6,13 Save+3/+3/-1 2 slams+9(2d6+4+permanent confusion DC17) SQ Reach 10, DR20/+2, SR19, Breath Darkness (Confusion, will DC17, free action/d4 rounds) REWARDS - 3600 souls, Soul of the Dark Sentinel, two humanities

THE DARK SENTINEL SOUL - It is possible to create a weapon with a masterwork weapon, a casting of confusion by a seventh level wizard, the soul of the Dark Sentinel, and 1000 souls. The weapon has a chance (Will DC15+half player level) to confuse an enemy if it hits for a round, as well as granting the wielder a +2 bonus to damage when he is below half health. The soul can be consumed for 3000 souls. A capable blacksmith requires only 5000 and the soul itself.

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