A glittering treasure crafted by a powerful master of crystal magic. Though undeniably beautiful, it seems to have been discarded and forgotten by the covetous thief who stole it.

NAME - The Gloomlight Butterfly


SLAIN BY - Ulthred


- The moonlight butterfly takes double actions for two rounds, then alights on the mushrooms to rest for two rounds. It then unleashes a burst equal to a thunderbolt to all enemies within ten feet, lifts off and attacks again.

- There are two areas of mushrooms on either side. It takes a move action to climb the slippery mushrooms at DC15. It is possible to attack the butterfly from the mushrooms with a successful jump check DC15, though d6 damage is inevitable.

SUGGESTED APPROACH - If characters stay at opposite sides of the cave, it is impossible for the butterfly to hit them all with spells such as rainbow pattern and glitterdust. Improving team mobility with flight spells or augmenting player's climb and jump skills helps to reach the butterfly when it rests is vital. It is also possible to dispel the creature's protection from arrows spell, then pepper it with ranged attacks.

STATISTICS Gloomlight Butterfly - Large Magical Beast8

HP64 Initiative+4 Speed60(12) AC17(T13,FF13)

Ray+7 touch SQ DR5/- against ranged attacks to +1, always makes will saves

Passive Effects - Mage Armour, Arrow Protection

Abilities10,18,14,5,14,20 Saves+4+10+6



6 Missiles 4d4+4, Ray of Enfeeblement, Hypnotism DC19 2d4 rounds

7 Glitterdust DC20 2d4 rounds, shock rays 4d6/4d6

5 Thunderbolt 8d6 DC19

4 Rainbow pattern DC22 2d4 rounds

REWARDS -3000 souls, Large Ember, Soul of the Gloomlight Butterfly

THE GLOOMLIGHT STAFF - It is possible to create a unique item with a masterwork staff, the soul of the butterfly, 3000 souls and the casting of rainbow pattern (scroll costs 700) by a seventh level wizard. It functions as an ordinary quarterstaff except that three times per day, the variable effects of a spell (third level or lower) cast by the bearer are maximized. Alternatively, the staff can instead increase any will DC by 1. The soul can instead by consumed to grant 3000 souls. The staff also radiates light in a twenty foot radius. A capable blacksmith charges 11000 souls and the butterfly's soul in total for the process.

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