At first this specimen seemed similar to the other heads, but it soon became clear as it swelled to freakish size that its intellect and arcane ability were unprecedented. The anatomist still considered the creature a failure, however, as there was no aspect of its biology that he considered human.

NAME - The Great Eye


SLAIN BY - Balon

AREA - The Gloom Garden


The Great Eye distributes his lesser eye rays randomly, but he is extremely careful to use his antimagic field in a way which will disadvantage his enemies (focusing it on enemies who cast spells or are affected by powerful buffs). The Great Eye can only fire a maximum of three eye rays in any given 90 degree arc, and none at all into the antimagic cone of his central eye. It can choose to close its central eye if it believes this will give it an advantage. The four eye ray will saves are at DC19, Caster Level 13: Fear, Sleep, Inflict Moderate Wounds 2d8+10, Slow. The four eye ray fortitude saves are at DC17, Caster Level 13: Disintegrate, Finger of Death, Flesh to Stone.


Summoning monsters is a good way of absorbing some of the eye rays used by the Great Eye, and bolstering fortitude saves is particularly useful as those are usually needed to hold of the more dangerous attacks. Magical damage that requires reflex saves are very effective if the Great Eye drops his antimagic gaze.

CR13 The Great Eye - Large Aberration11 HP93 Initiative+6 SpeedF30(6) AC26(T11,FF24) Bite+2(2d4) and 10 rays+9 touch SQ Antimagic Cone, Flight Abilities10,14,18,17,15,15 Saves+9/+5/+11  Rewards - 4500 souls, Soul of the Great Eye, Key of the Great Eye, three detached eyeballs


The soul of the great eye can be consumed for 4000 souls, or a capable blacksmith requires only 20000 souls and the soul itself to create the ring. Alternatively, one can create a ring with an appropriate feat, a casting of true seeing by a tenth level wizard, 8000 souls and the soul itself. This ring grants a +2 bonus on all perception checks, can store three levels of spells as a ring of spell storing, and can cast true seeing if the wearer pays half of his current hit points.

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