The Everburning Knights believed there was a primal darkness in the act of fornication, and honoured the celibate as the most pure and virtuous of their communities. The anatomist discovered that crafting firm flesh driven by this insatiable lust was a relatively simple challenge, but beneath the facades of even the most compelling of his efforts there were only dead seeds and barren valleys.

CR7 The Incarnalus - Medium Aberration6 HP33 Initiative+1 Speed30(6) AC20(T11,F19) 2 claws+7(d6+1) Abilites-13,13,13,16,14,26 Saves+6/+6/+7 SQ Seduction DC21, slippery mind, electricity immunity, fire resistance 10, SR18, illusory shape, untouchable Will DC21, Rend 4d6+4 Bluff+19, Perception+19 Rewards - Witch's Finger, Detached Eyeball, 2500 souls Slain by Uthred

Once per round as a free action, the Incarnalus focuses its seductive gaze on an enemy and forces them to make a will save at DC21. If they fail they become are unable to act, and submit to the embrace. While the Incarnalus is seducing an enemy, it can automatically deal claw and rend damage (for a total of 6d6+6 damage as a full round action). The Incarnalus can only focus its seductive power on one enemy at a time.

The Incarnalus takes the form of a handsome stranger when first encountered (assuming the opposite gender so as to most effectively seduce its prey). It describes a powerful blade hidden in chamber W, as well as a bonfire in chamber U. Both are lies, designed to weaken wanderers who are passing through. If a player passes on less than half health the Incarnalus will attack. The Incarnalus will also attack any players that are carrying the Key of the Great Eye.

The will DCs on this page include the soporific influence of the Gloom Garden.

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