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There is darkness in the earth. We can fight it together.

This ancient organism is found in the heart of the Gloom Garden. There is a cavity within the structure which contains a pool of gloomwater. The sovereign appears to be unconscious until a character is under the effects of the gloomwater. The sovereign communicates using some kind of telepathy related to the gloomwater, projecting images of monsters into the minds of his audience and demanding their destruction. Any character who has consumed gloomwater in the past can kneel before the sovereign to join the Covenant of Gloom, and will provide purple moss clumps in exchange for detached eyeballs (disciples of gloom also heal two hit points per level when consuming a purple moss clump). Once the Great Eye has been destroyed, those who make covenants with the sovereign also gain a +1 alchemical bonus to armour class. Any treacherous undead who breaks faith with the Covenant of Gloom gets a permanent -1 penalty to all fortitude saves. The sovereign's purpose is to cleanse the garden of the dark influence of the Anatomist's sorcery, and implies that he will offer further rewards once this is done.