Guardian of the Painting

"No further, lost ones. I must defend this painting, with steel if you would test me."

This mysterious warrior guards the painting of a winter forest in the Hollow Halls. He does not appear ravaged by the curse and demands that any wanderer stay out of the room, claiming to be standing guard over the painting in order to keep it safe from the hollows. If someone enters the room then he will attack them, but if close to death he will surrender and ask to be allowed to renew his vigil. He will explain that he is waiting for his companion to return from the world within, but cannot enter himself because he does not know the secret word.

CR7 The Painting Guardian - Fighter 4, Rogue 3 HP59 Initiative+2 AC17(T13,FF14) Speed30(6) Slash+10/+5(2d4+4/19-20/x3) SQ Evasion, sneak attack+2d6, whirlwind attack, combat reflexes, deflect arrow 1/round, cleave Abilities 17,16,12,10,15,12 Saves+8+9+6 Rewards - 1800 souls, masterwork chain shirt, masterwork uchigatana

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