- The Scumsucker -
A horror that crawls in the abandoned tunnels. It is jested that its nightmarish appearance is the result of two beasts being fused together as the sulphurous fire swept over their fight to the death.

CR6 Scumsucker - Large Aberration9  HP76 Initiative+0 Speed30(6) AC21(T9,FF21) Bite+10(2d6+4+venom DC18 2d4 dexterity) and 6 claws+8(d6+2) SQ Reach10, DR5/magic, shriek 1/day (fortitude DC18 stun d6rounds) Abilities20,10,18,16,10,18 Saves+7/+3/+6 Climb+25 Perception+12 Slain by Nathan Rewards - 1800 souls

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