The skin of the weeping beast is uncomfortable, ill-fitting, and covered with sores and blemishes. The comfort of cool water seems to be the only way to soothe the beast's constant pain.

NAME - The Weeping Beast


SLAIN BY - Nathan

AREA - Amnizu's Infested Mine


- When first encountered, the Weeping Beast waits at the edge of the water and attempts to appear harmless until it can release its hideous wail. If it observes multiple enemies ducking underwater to avoid this attack, it will move onto land.

- The Weeping Beast always attacks the closest enemy.

- If there are no enemies within reach or its tail has been sundered, the Weeping Beast will attempt to use its "piercing shriek" as a standard action which is a cone of sonic energy which forces enemies to take 5d6 damage (reflex DC18 for half). As with the "hideous wail", this can be avoided by being underwater.

- Every d4 rounds the Weeping Beast will let loose a "piteous moan". This signals that it will use its "hideous wail" on the following round, forcing creatures who fail a will save to take 5d6 damage and make a fortitude save or die. It is possible to avoid the "hideous wail" if underwater. Going underwater is a move action that does not provoke attacks.


The Weeping Beast focuses on forcing enemies to make saves, so spells or items which increase a character's chance to make saves are extremely helpful. As with most lone enemies, mobbing it aggressively is effective, though characters should ensure that they remain close to the water and learn the "piteous moan" "hideous wail" pattern.

STATISTICS The Weeping Beast - Huge Aberration6 HP57 Initiative+1 Speed30(6) AC20(T9,FF19) Tailslam+10(d6+12+stunDC18) or "hideous wail" (DC18, DC18, 5d6) Abilities26,13,21,2,13,8 Saves+7+3+6 SQ Reach 10, Darkvision, Scent Rewards - 2400 souls, humanity, Dwalyn's Plate, Old Club

THE WEEPING CLUB - It is possible to cut off the Weeping Beast's tail (using a standard action, provoking attacks of opportunity without the improved sunder feat), in which case it becomes the Weeping Club (a light bludgeoning weapon which deals d6 damage and may stun an enemy on a natural 20). Opposed attack rolls are made (the Weeping Beast gets a +8 bonus for being huge). The tail has a hardness 10 and hit points 10. Once the tail is severed, the crippled Beast will rely exclusively on its cone attack.