Souls are the currency of this game. Most monsters shed souls when killed, divided equally between the players who participated. Souls can be traded with merchants for equipment or offered to bonfires in exchange for levels.

However when a player dies all

A bon

The dungeon entrance is the reset point for characters have never rested at a bonfire.

  He waits on the ground, and as the elevator lowers he is vulnerable to plunging attacks. The roof of the cavern is 100 feet above the floor, and the stairs rise twenty feet. Plunging attacks can be attempted from any height above where the elevator stops 20 feet above Grak (the jump DC is 10+5 per 10 feet). If characters fail a plunge jump attack  by 5 or less, they can make a DC20 reflex save to grab the ledge of the platform (it is a move action to climb up or a free action to drop down with a DC15 jump check and d6 subdual damage). If they fail this too, they take fall damage and land prone adjacent to their target (move action to stand which provokes attacks). If they succeed, they get to make an attack roll (treated as a charge) which does double damage plus the fall damage. If the attack roll misses the character lands adjacent to Grak.

Bonfires, bloodstains, and souls

Boss rooms

Some monsters (bosses and underbosses) do not reset.


Plunging attacks

Party roles - navigator, leader, strategist


power attack


The Boss Rooms

the only way out is victory defeat homeward bone

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