The Anatomist believed that the secrets of darkness were contained within the skull, so to conserve raw materials many of his experiments were constructed without limbs or torso. He later learned that these attempts to counterfeit humanity had been in vain, that the winged heads were mere monsters.

CR3 Winged Head - Small Aberration2 HP11 Initiative+1 SpeedF30(6) AC12(T11,FF11) Bite+4(d4+ fortitude DC13 blackened wound) Shriek Will DC15( paralysis2d4 rounds) Abilities10,13,12,5,12,8 Saves+3+3+1 Rewards - 600 souls, 20% purple moss clump, 10% eyeball

Winged heads can shriek once per round as a standard action. Once a character has made the save against a head's shriek, the character is immune to that head's shriek for the next ten minutes. They can be attacked a jump or acrobatics check (DC20) as a standard action, though charging grants a +2 bonus on both attack and the jump. Anyone who is bitten by a winged head must make a DC13 fortitude save. If they fail this save then the damage they take from the head's bite will form a blackened wound which cannot be healed by any means other than a bonfire. They also begin to experience a terrible headache, which is exacerbated by combat. In every subsequent fight there is a 25% cumulative chance that the character will instantly die and their head will detach and sprout wings. This process can be halted by resting at a bonfire, or by eating a purple moss clump. The will DCs on this page include the soporific influence of the Gloom Garden.

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